What do you do when a friend you haven’t seen for more years than you can remember, pops up and insists on getting together?

Not just together, but at least 8 hours away by train in the country on some isolated farmhouse. I was thinking I could fly to Singapore in that time. But even though I protested that I was time poor, as so many people seem to be, even though I have given up working the 9-5 grind, my friend insisted.

Looking back after those few days away she did me a favour. I arrived and the farmhouse was large and comfortable. We went walking around the property and came back and lit a fire in the open fireplace reminding me of camping days from many years ago. Afterwards we played a game of Rummi which made me think of my childhood when things were so much simpler.
More friends joined us and we had days of four wheel driving, a picnic in the bush and a fabulous dinner of Duck a la Orange and a delectable desert as well as enjoying wine and great company. What did I get from this apart from some great inspiration for painting? I learnt to slow down and enjoy the company of others and stop, think and get inspired by nature. I highly recommend it.

And out of these photo’s and memories I will work towards creating another painting maybe along the lines of this one which was inspired by a day out in National Park some time ago.

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