Shire Farmers Market Welcomed Today

This morning Sutherland Shire welcomed in it’s own Farmers Market for the first time in Flora Street, Sutherland. I had been waiting for weeks after seeing the write up in the local paper, so arrived early. Which was good because after browsing the various stalls the crowds really started to fill up the markets.

This is a weekly event which will take place every Saturday from 8:00am to 1:00pm no matter what the weather is like, so it’s something different for families, with fresh produce and something close to my heart, we will be supporting our farmers who are offering quality Australian farm fresh produce.

It’s great having a chat with the stall holders to ask about the food they are selling, to have a sample and to know we are supporting our independent primary producers.





Here’s a glimpse of some of the various foods available to taste as well as the fresh produce, while you’re browsing around the markets deciding what to buy.


As well as the great produce there’s an enclosed area for children to get up close and personal with farm animals and to give them a cuddle. There are beautiful plants, honey and sweets for those with a sweet tooth.

Its a great place to meet friends and to take the kids to. And I’ve discovered there’s a community garden at Miranda on Saturdays which is perfect for those who love gardening but live in units.

Once the shopping is completed you can take your hot food and drinks right next door to the Peace Park with the lovely Japanese Gardens to enjoy a bit of serenity after a possibly hectic week.

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