July 2015

CASS – Combined Art Societies of Sydney Inc

CASS Art Direct Open Studios This year every weekend in September 2015 All participating artists and their studio addresses with dates and times will be listed on the CASS website Art Direct is an opportunity to see, talk to the artists and purchase art from these many and diverse areas from the Central Coast, North...
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Getting Out and About for $2.50

I’ve often been told I lead a very interesting life. I had to stop and think about this. These comments were often made by friends who at times bemoaned they were bored or didn’t have any interesting hobbies. I’d like to share how I’ve come by having my “interesting life” so that others, particularly of...
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Inspired By Country Life

What do you do when a friend you haven’t seen for more years than you can remember, pops up and insists on getting together? Not just together, but at least 8 hours away by train in the country on some isolated farmhouse. I was thinking I could fly to Singapore in that time. But even...
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