I am a traditional painter as that is how I was trained, but for some time I have wanted to loosen up my style.  It was hard to switch to another style after so many years, but I decided to attend various workshops over a period of time to learn other techniques and styles. I thoroughly recommend attending workshops with other artists, as it’s not a way to copy their work, but to learn various techniques which can be incorporated into your own style.

If you visit my website www.helendubrovichart.com you will see my work as generally quite detailed. I’ve enjoyed loosening up since and the following photo’s show how I approach my intuitive technique.

I initially draw up the composition this time in red paint, but use whatever colour you prefer. Next I use various stencils to put in bits of background colour. I use coloured inks and acrylic paints. The reason I use inks is because of the lovely transparency and I can move the colour around like watercolour. If you use too much water it will take some time to dry. Also if you use a hairdryer the colour might not go in the direction you want so a tip is use less water and let it dry naturally.

Use other stencils if you like for more patterns. Then start to add other colour, either ink or acrylic feeling what needs to go where. At times you may have certain ideas but you might find the painting may go in another direction. This is what I call intuitive painting. Also take advantage when “happy accidents” happen. They can make a painting or you might want to paint over it. It’s all a lot of fun. Let the child out and enjoy the process.



Continue playing, adding colour, using stencils, using sponges dipped in ink or paint and you might also like to use other mediums for texture such as pastels or pencils. It’s your painting so enjoy creating.

This is my finished painting using inks, acrylics, stencils and various textures on canvas.

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