I’ve often been told I lead a very interesting life. I had to stop and think about this. These comments were often made by friends who at times bemoaned they were bored or didn’t have any interesting hobbies.

I’d like to share how I’ve come by having my “interesting life” so that others, particularly of a “certain age” might like to also join in and enjoy some of the things they may not have thought of. In the past when I was still working 9-5 at times I had very little money, particularly when I found myself on my own once again. I used to scan the papers and found that there were free giveaway tickets to small theatre shows for the first 10 callers to ring the number. I joined in with gusto and often ended up with tickets and no shortage of friends to go with.

I also scanned free publications at the time which were given out at railway stations. There were so many advertisements for art shows and other interesting places to visit. For free. Now so much is online and it makes things even easier. There are so many vouchers and coupons for restaurants, spas, holidays, etc at often half the price or even better, it would be such a shame not to take advantage.

An example, yesterday I took a train into the city, and being newly retired from the workforce, I used my $2.50 ticket and took a train, then the light rail to Darling Harbour to try out a really fabulous Greek restaurant called “Aegean Blu” with a friend. The price was right and the meal included a bottle of wine. The weather was freezing but we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The service was excellent, the food was incredible and we left very happy and contented.

Off to the light rail and a wander through Sydney’s famous Paddy’s Markets for an hour or two before heading home for a warm evening with a nice cup of tea before settling down to my artwork once again.

Enjoy the photo’s of my little trip yesterday and please take advantage of what your city has to offer and become a tourist for a day. So much fun and so much to see and do at very little cost.

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