August 2015

Experimenting with Yupo paper

I spent this afternoon experimenting with inks on Yupo paper with my friend and fellow artist Denise Kassis at her workshop/gallery. This paper only came to my attention recently. We found it was difficult to draw on top of any inks once they had dried but if we used Sharpie pens initially we had no...
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Opportunities and Delightful Surprises I’ve always believed in taking opportunities when they present themselves. Particularly invitations. You never know what you might discover. Take yesterday for example. A friend offered me a ticket to see a show down in Corrimal as her friend couldn’t make it at the last minute. I did have other plans...
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Inspirations Come From Anywhere

I’ve never painted on a piece of timber. No, I lie. I did paint you could say a bit of a fairy tale a Russian one at that on a round timber plate when I was about twelve years old. I took lessons from a fantastic artist who was Russian, had been a sailor when...
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