Recovery in Art

Speaking out for people with mental health issues in NSW Yesterday I enjoyed a unique experience. A lunch at Parliament House in Macquarie Street, Sydney, with my very good friend and fellow artist Denise Kassis. Why Parliament House? Because this is where BEING the independent state-wide peak organisation for people with mental distress hosted an...
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The Cost of Art from the Heart

Having always had art in my life, pursuing my passion, having attended art school and workshops over the years, it didn’t occur to me that anybody not involved in the art scene would not know just how much time, effort and money actually went into this. Speaking to other artists, I heard the same story...
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Experimenting with Yupo paper

I spent this afternoon experimenting with inks on Yupo paper with my friend and fellow artist Denise Kassis at her workshop/gallery. This paper only came to my attention recently. We found it was difficult to draw on top of any inks once they had dried but if we used Sharpie pens initially we had no...
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Inspirations Come From Anywhere

I’ve never painted on a piece of timber. No, I lie. I did paint you could say a bit of a fairy tale a Russian one at that on a round timber plate when I was about twelve years old. I took lessons from a fantastic artist who was Russian, had been a sailor when...
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Inspired By Country Life

What do you do when a friend you haven’t seen for more years than you can remember, pops up and insists on getting together? Not just together, but at least 8 hours away by train in the country on some isolated farmhouse. I was thinking I could fly to Singapore in that time. But even...
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