Having lived in the Sutherland Shire for well over forty years I have come to appreciate this beautiful part of Sydney more and more each year. Having grown  up in Birchgrove and Balmain, Sutherland Shire was a bit of a culture shock when I first moved here. I’ve found that there are so many “hidden treasures” to explore in the Shire if one take’s a short time out of their busy lives. I will share those treasures so if any visitors or locals would like to explore, I’m sure you will enjoy these areas as much as I have.

‘Peace Park’, reflects the Sutherland Shire’s history and relationships between it’s people, environment and other nations. It also recognises the Shire’s Aboriginal culture and their heritage.

Coming into Sutherland station by train, it’s just a short walk through the shopping centre to Eton Street, where you will come across a beautiful, small Japanese garden. Walking towards it you will find a sign showing Peace Park with a map.

The garden is known as Chuo City Garden and was a gift from Sutherland Shire’s Japanese sister city. The design was based on an ancient garden within Chuo City. You will find a wooden bridge over a dry pond.

Around the garden there are white walls called Tsuizi fences topped by Japanese roofing tiles.

It’s lovely to visit this garden in Spring with the beautiful azalea bushes in full bloom.

Close to the park there is also a beautiful mosaic mural made of glass and ceramic tiles by Peter Day Kirk, which is on five panels and portrays the Whale Story of the Gweagle People.

After wandering around enjoying the tranquillity and peace if you haven’t brought along a picnic lunch to enjoy in these serene surroundings, you can head back to the station stopping along the way at one of the coffee shops for lunch or a snack, before heading off to your other destinations with I’m sure, a bit more tranquillity, after visiting this lovely part of the Shire.

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