Further Experiments with Yupo Paper

I’ve already written about my previous, first experimentation with Yupo paper using inks and have now worked on two painting using mainly watercolour and some drawing with ink to finish the painting off. I found it rather strange working on this paper initially and didn’t really like it. But then found as I started to paint with watercolour it was giving me lovely little effects where color started to run into each other when the two colors were still wet. I initially started drawing outlines in sepia ink but quickly switched to just watercolour as I really started to enjoy the way the paint slid across the paper so smoothly, unlike working on watercolour paper.

Here is my first attempt at just watercolour with a bit of sepia plus gold and silver ink to finish it off. This is approximately A4 size and is a scene from a temple in Bali high up in the mountains, about a thirty minute drive from Ubud.

Garden Gate

I found using watercolour on Yupo paper very liberating as it’s quite hard to define fine lines because of the surface of the paper so the painting became quite relaxed and not too rigid. I found this enjoyable because being basically a traditionalist I often look for ways to give my work more spontaneity.

This is my second painting. Approximately A3 size and a lot more detail. You can see the progress of the painting.

This is the final, completed painting.

This is a scene of my balcony where I played around with a theme I am working on with watercolour paper based on Russian matroyshki, shawls and toys to give the feeling of a languid and restful afternoon. Hope these inspire you to try your own experiments with Yupo paper.

My next experiments will be more contemporary pieces on Yupo. See you then.

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