Travel Memories in Isolation 2021

During an incredible time in the history of the world we all came to a standstill. We were in shock. A massive pandemic had hit us and we were frightened. Pandemics have happened before but this time it felt different.For many years we were able to board a plane or ship and travel freely around the world. Suddenly that was stopping as we and our nation’s leaders grappled with what was happening.

2020 was a year we will never forget. We had to social distance and wear masks and our lives suddenly changed. We were scared to hug loved ones incase we had the dreaded virus and didn’t want to pass that on. We became a nation in isolation. Things have gradually become better and we have been very fortunate here in Australia compared to other countries. We all coped in our own ways.

I coped through painting. I had always travelled and my travels inspired me over the years. These are my paintings where I found solace in my own private world. Some are memories of my travels and others are still life’s, depicting the homely things found in anybody’s home on a daily basis giving comfort and memories of life before Covid hit us all. These are paintings I created and in which I still found beauty in my memories and found hope for a brighter future for us all.